Consumer Connections = Brand Affinity + Blockchain Authentication = Consumer Confidence

GMG combines the direct engagement of a smartphone App with the smart contracts of the IBM blockchain to create a seamless integration of brand marketing through a high-value user experience.

Genuine Marketing Group serves as the conduit between brands and shoppers while measuring consumer sentiment and reacting in real-time.

IBM Partnered

As our App Development and Technology partner, IBM not only serves as the blockchain engine, but also as an integral part of the retail user experience and data-rich engagement. Through world-wide cloud resources and dedicated server bandwidth, IBM has worked closely with GMG to purpose build a secure product authentication system that is both dynamic and nimble while trusted and secure throughout the entire supply chain. From the production line to the shopping cart, IBM and GMG work as a team to deliver for all stakeholders in the retail, product and produce ecosystem.


To provide technology driven consumer engagement that ensures the delivery and authentication of products, produce, pharmaceuticals and perishable goods for all retail stakeholders and consumers.


Become the gold standard for authentication of Luxury goods and International food safety worldwide. A technology-backed best solution to the global counterfeit, consumer health and trade compliance problems. While providing industry insight from top to bottom that allows GMG services to become industry tested and so widely trusted across all demographics that it becomes an integral part of the everyday shopping experience.


With increased global demand and retail goods, produce and packages passing through the worldwide supply chain, there is an ever-growing need for more secure and trusted practices to ensure the authenticity of retail products from manufacturer to the shopping aisle. Food, clothing and other items like personal care and over-the-counter medications are the most frequently purchased items in the daily lives of the global community. Without proper oversight and systems to detect counterfeit and fraudulent products, serious health issues will become a daily occurrence throughout society. This is why GMG has focused its efforts on retail as the main industry for impact and growth. The human need to be fed and safe is something that will never change.