We know the best consumer engagement is created through the value proposition and ease of use. Genuine Marketing Group is focused on providing digital first engagement in the palm of the consumer hand as a part of their everyday shopping and consumption experience. All through a Smartphone App that each and every one of us carries in our pockets, purses and jackets. Most of today’s track and trace and food trust initiatives are behind the scenes and focused on providing secure distribution and delivery systems for the industry itself.

While that’s all well and good. What about the end user, the consumer, the one who drives the dollars as they make real time purchase decisions direct from the shopping aisle? That’s where GMG shines. We provide the consumer with a view into the life and journey of the product and food they are purchasing so they can feel confident in their purchase and that it is not only real, but safe and brand authentic.

Based on this value proposition, GMG is also able to gather consumer insight and share it with the various stakeholders in the retail ecosystem. Brands want to know, distributors want to know and so do the retailers. As long as the consumer is engaged and feels part of the decision-making process for the brands they love, that’s the key to brand affinity, building sales and ultimately, secure and trusted purchase power. GMG’s  ZPTAG™ Authentication App is the catalyst and core of our consumer driven philosophy.


As an integral part of consumer engagement, the utility or use of the digital tool is paramount to driving downloads and frequency of use. GMG first offers a reason for owning and downloading its ZPTAG™ App as consumers have a limited amount of real estate and memory on their phones. If the App isn’t worth having, then it won’t exist on their home screen. Via the consumer access to authenticating products through the ZPTAG™ App, they also provide data on their shopping habits and sentiment about products simply by actualizing the value of the App itself. This is active engagement that cannot be replicated with other data gathering efforts like polls, questionnaires, sweepstakes and contests. We provide value and utility first.


From a marketing perspective, this cannot be overstated. The data exchange of the brand and consumer relationship is the driving force for brand awareness and brand affinity. The “Two Way Street” mentality and open ledger concept of blockchain creates this for GMG. While the consumer is exposed to the tracking and supply chain data to authenticate the products they are buying, the brand and retailer are gathering data on buying habits like frequency, location, reaction to merchandising and P.O.S. etc. Creating algorithms for compiling this data and how they relate is done seamlessly and without friction. It’s an inherent part of the GMG process.


As an end-to-end provider of marketing services, GMG has a holistic vision of the brand and consumer relationship that is rooted in honesty, trust and authentic communication between all stakeholders in the retail system. By providing valuable tools to each member including manufacturer/producer, distributor, retailer and consumer GMG ensures that the expectations of all are met. In the end, it is the responsibility of each stakeholder to take ownership and pride in their role as food and product providers for both the good of the business and the health and wellness of society as a whole. With the safety and assurances of a closed-loop system and the free data exchange of the blockchain, Genuine Marketing Group can and will leverage all elements of the holistic system to benefit both its clients and its users from top to bottom.